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I heard a mum say “#I want to be an influential person” in the past two days. When I saw this message, I seriously recalled that I once said this to myself. . Because I had this idea planted in my heart, silently, in many things, especially on the way of teaching, I will always move in this direction…

Lara has received several podcast interviews over the past year, and all of them have asked why she started her career in education. My answer has always been the same: for the children, to find myself.
For the sake of the child, the heart is very simple, because our family is scattered in different parts of the world, the grandma in Russia, the grandma in the United States, the aunt in Japan, the father working in China (at that time)… Families from all over the world are connected, and understanding culture has become the beginning of connecting with life~ Letting children see the world from the height of the world has become my motivation
For my own sake, I used to be a very professional expatriate, but I couldn’t let go of work until the day before I was due to give birth… After two months of maternity leave, I resolutely resigned to become a full-time mother, and both babies were breastfed until the third day. Years old, finally three years after changing the diaper to no light… I couldn’t help but want to fill a hole in my heart – ego…. But I couldn’t let go of my child, I thought about it, and finally put my expertise with my child’s Combining life, I started #Lara’s multilingual picture book world English, Russian, Japanese and German courses, telling stories in different languages ​​to children and introducing world culture. This is what motivates me to support myself!

Based on these two motivations and motivations,

the consistent principles of Lara’s teaching are:#Every student is treated as my own child to teach

The favorite activity of the children in each class is the #mysterybagdrawinganimal game. Usually, the parents who touch it for the first time will say, “Teacher~ your animal model is very expensive!” Then I will say: “Mommy knows the goods~” The cost of a whole bag of animal models should already be 5 or 6 children can’t escape, but why did Lara use such a simulated model? Because, I want my children’s first contact with animals to be as close to the real as possible, so I chose the British MojoFun model that is completely scaled down and even the details of the soles of the feet are not missed. I only give it to students and I give it to my own children use it!
Parents who have taken classes with me should know my style. I attach great importance to every question my children ask, just as I answer the countless why questions of our children, no matter what their question is or what the answer is. What it is, it is all sincere approval and guidance, never denying it. The only thing that makes me look up is respect for this matter. If you don’t respect your classmates, parents, or yourself (it seems that no students in my class show disrespect to Teacher Lara.. XDD), I will strictly correct them, but because I treat everyone as my own Children, so no child will feel hurt in the process (if there is…please tell me!) but will instead learn how to get along with people over and over again.

With the age of the children and the increase in the number of students, Lara’s teaching has also found its place. Especially in the past year or so, in addition to the above mentioned thoughts, I have begun to have a sense of mission, in fact, it is very simple to #want to become an influential person to help the world
This sentence sounds a bit formalized from a textbook, but in the process of teaching, every time I witness that because of one of our classes, a seed of kindness can be planted in the hearts of children, and they can be seen sprouting and growing. , that kind of moving and sense of accomplishment, often accomplishes my every day.
#5-year-old international outlook is really not just a propaganda slogan~ When the children shed tears when they saw the straws drawn from the nostrils of the sea turtles, the seeds of this conservation have been planted; when the children heard There is a girl in Iran who had to dress up as a man to go to a football game, but was sentenced to self-immolation in the end. The concept of equal rights between men and women has begun to develop; when children know from the story of the picture book that the ancient city of Jerusalem has been quarreling in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, The world view is gradually formed…

#The strength of one person is limited and the strength of the team needs to be multiplied
Lesson preparation is a pleasure for me because it brings me closer to the world. For me, class is a kind of recharge, because the feedback from the children makes me so energetic 💪
I want to pass this kind of touch to you/you who are about to or are engaged in education
I want to expand this influence infinitely and spread it at a double speed
❓Who is suitable for Lara’s teacher training class?
🎯Online teachers, who have their own specialized subjects, but want to expand the breadth of teaching
🎯 Intern teachers, with teaching experience, need clear direction and guidance
🎯Learn together with parents, agree with Lara’s educational philosophy, and want to learn together with their children

Teacher training content?
✅You must participate in Lara’s existing courses (2-3 lessons a month), on the one hand, you can acquire knowledge content synchronously, and on the other hand, you can actually observe students’ reactions and interact together.
✅Syllabus discussion once a month, simulation of the concept and direction of lesson preparation, explaining the basis and reason behind the course briefing
✅Simulate the syllabus, combine your own professional courses with the concept of #Internationalview to simulate teaching for other students, discuss with each other and improve
What are the benefits of being a trainee trainee?
🎁 Join the teaching group and be my stratosphere!
🎁Teaching resource sharing: Lara will share the interesting and practical foreign teaching resources I see with the trainees;
🎁Online assistance at any time: During the process of preparing the syllabus presentation, you can ask questions at any time, and Lara will guide and discuss the syllabus of individual students. The more students who do their homework, the more they will get!
🎁After graduation, you can choose to become Lara’s seed teacher team, I will help you start the class!
🎁 Or you can also apply teaching in your own professional field, and maintain a possible cooperation model in the future.
Lara’s teacher training will not give a teaching template or skills. I hope that more children can get more open guidance in different environments, let reason replace rules, and let free thoughts replace words~
📅The first period of teacher training is half a year.

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